R32 Skyline Haltech Elite Mounting Kit




Downloadable instructions: GTR Elite Mount

This mounting kit includes everything needed to securely mount your Haltech Elite underneath the glovebox of your R32 Skyline (should work for all models but only tested in a GTR). Elite ECU not included

Stainless steel construction
Easy installation (about 10 minutes)
Keeps ECU out of passenger footwell where it may be damaged
Provisions to keep jumper harness neat and tidy
Clears JDM road flare mount
Made in the USA

Note: The Series 1 (pre-August 1991) cars have a different blower motor under the dash. Of course this could have been changed to a later motor at some point in your car’s life. Please confirm what motor you have. An easy way is to look at the length of the vent hose. The Series 1 is about 6 inches and runs under the heater box while the Series 2 is only a couple inches and does not run under the heater box. If you are unsure what motor you have, the Series 1 bracket will fit both Series 1 and 2 cars. The difference is that the Series 2 bracket tucks the ECU up higher due to the smaller blower motor.


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