Note: These cars are 30 years old and many parts are deteriorating or rusted. The prices below reflect a car with no issues! We have yet to see one like this so understand there will likely be additional costs to fix or resolve unforeseen problems.

Haltech ECU & Tune – $3995

This package includes a Haltech Elite ECU, ECU mount, oil pressure sensor, wideband, dyno tune, and installation. Any issues related to the stock ECU and MAF sensors are resolved, power is increased around 25awhp over stock, and multiple engine protection strategies are enabled to preserve the engine.

Level 1 Power Package – $8750

This package is our go-to for first round modifications to your otherwise stock Skyline GTR. It includes all parts, installation labor, and tuning. We replace the factory turbos with your choice of bolt-on turbos, install ID injectors, a Haltech Elite, aftermarket sensors, and other important supporting items. With a good flowing exhaust we see 120-150awhp gains on pump gas with no loss of spool or low RPM torque and only 16-18psi of boost.