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Please fill out and email the Tuning Checklist before purchasing an email tune. You will need to select the number of additional features filled out in this checklist in the dropdown.

Tuning Checklist

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Email tuning available for Haltech Elite users only

We’ve had great success tuning the RB platform with the Elite series ECU. Whether your tuning needs are for the street, track or land speed racing our 40+ years of performance modification and tuning experience is available to you. We are not just sitting behind a keyboard guessing at tunes. Daily driving and/or racing these vehicles allows us to fine tune every aspect of the driving experience. Also this allows us to constantly test new tuning software and software features to ensure our customers have the absolute best tuning experience available.

Our response times are generally within 24-48 hours and will always be specified in our email replies. You will always know when to expect a response or revision. Let our reliable, quick and experienced email tuning service, now with online tune purchasing help you extract the peak performance and drivability from your car.

Tuning a standalone system can be a very large-scope project. As such your tune will include the below services and features. Additional adjustments or features are an additional fee.

Included Service & Features
– Detailed cold start and hot start tuning
– Idle tuning
– Tip in tuning
– Knock Control (if hardware is in working condition)
– Lean condition engine protection
– Hot IAT engine protection
– Hot ECT engine protection
– WOT tuning


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