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Please fill out and email the Tuning Checklist before purchasing an email tune. You will need to select the number of additional features filled out in this checklist in the dropdown. After purchasing please email your current tune file to

Skyline GTR Tuning Checklist

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Email tuning available for Haltech Elite and Platinum Pro users only

We’ve had great success tuning the RB platform with the Elite series ECU. Whether your tuning needs are for the street, track or land speed racing our 40+ years of performance modification and tuning experience is available to you. We are not just sitting behind a keyboard guessing at tunes. Daily driving and/or racing these vehicles allows us to fine tune every aspect of the driving experience. Also this allows us to constantly test new tuning software and software features to ensure our customers have the absolute best tuning experience available.

Our response times are generally within 24-48 hours and will always be specified in our email replies. You will always know when to expect a response or revision. Let our reliable, quick and experienced email tuning service, now with online tune purchasing help you extract the peak performance and drivability from your car.

Tuning a standalone system can be a very large-scope project. As such your tune will include the below services and features. Additional adjustments or features are an additional fee.

Included Service & Features
– Detailed cold start and hot start tuning
– Idle tuning
– Transient throttle tuning
– Lean condition engine protection
– Hot IAT engine protection
– Hot ECT engine protection
– WOT tuning

Policies and Procedures
To begin the remote tuning process please review and complete the following steps:

This is a service that we offer outside of our normal day to day operations at the shop and is handled via email only. Due to the extremely high volume of remote tuning there will often be at least a 24 hour delay in responses to emails. Expected email delay times will be maintained in the signature section of all email responses so that our remote tuning customers can be properly informed.

Required Hardware:
1. Working wideband controller and a correct signal wired into your ECU.
2. Laptop with a good internet connection for datalogging and possible remote-in support.
3. USB cable to your Haltech ECU.

Initial Setup:
It is up to you to confirm all wiring is correct and that your ECU is set up correctly. This includes scaling aftermarket sensors and confirming their signal is reading correctly in the ECU. If you are not able to do this we can do so for an additional fee.

1. All remote tuning customers must complete the “RB Tuning Checklist” and email it to
2. You will need to extract and email the current tune in your car. If you have an “original backup” or stock tune please email this also.
3. Tutorial videos on datalogging can be found here –  Haltech Datalogging.
4. All emails should be directed to


Remote Tuning Policies
    Remote tuning requires involvement on the part of the remote tuning customer that would not normally occur with an in-house dyno tuning session. Below is a summary of requirements and policies regarding remote tuning:

  • Basic computer knowledge is required to utilize this process.
  • Familiarity with sending/receiving email, adding and opening email attachments, installing software, etc. is necessary.
  • All emails should be directed to
  • Please do not call our shop for remote tuning updates or revisions. This service is separate from services provided at our shop.
  • Understanding of the data logging process, reading and loading tunes. We do have videos reviewing this process on our YouTube Channel.
  • Data logs attached to an email should contain the name of the tune revision that the data log was run on.
  • Emails sent with a data log should be short, descriptive and only contain one data log unless multiple logs are requested by us or are required to resolve a problem.
  • Do not send multiple emails in the same day while waiting for a revision.
  • This is a tuning service, not a build consultation or mechanical issue troubleshooting service. We can point you in the right direction but it is up to you to find the information needed to fix your car in the event of a mechanical issue. Please do not ask us how to wire in your boost controller, wire in your aftermarket sensors, check engine timing, check for vacuum leaks, etc. If you would like us to perform these services please schedule time in the shop.

Note: Re-tuning (injector change, cam change, fuel change etc.) is an additional charge.




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