Why Should OST Dyno Tune Your Vehicle?

Whether your tuning needs are for the street, track or land speed racing – we can help. With over 40 years of performance modification and tuning experience we can provide tuning support either locally on our “state of the art” Mustang AWD dyno or anywhere on the planet via email. We specialize in tuning Mopar and GM vehicles. The EMS software we use includes: HPTuners, FAST Xfi, BigStuff 3, Holley EFI, Haltech, and many other brands. Carburetor tuning is limited to Holley equipped vehicles. We also provide specialized testing services for businesses or customers wishing to test products in a controlled environment. Because our dyno is equipped with a 600hp electric Eddy-Current brake we are able to hold any vehicle no matter how powerful at any speed or load percentage. This is done to simulate the vehicle’s weight, wind resistance, and traveling up a grade; every situation your vehicle will encounter on the road can be created on our dyno. We believe this gives us an advantage when it comes to an accurate, real-world tune. For in-house tuning expect tuning to take approximately 4-5 hours for forced induction applications and 2-3 hours for N/A applications. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call. Dyno sessions are by appointment only. Choose one of the options above for pricing information.

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