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IGLA Anti-Theft Device Installation For Mopar/Chrysler Vehicles

IGLA Details

Unique digital anti-theft system. Innovative patented technology for blocking starting of the engine via the car’s standard wiring — CAN and LIN buses. Reliable platform for efficient car protection.

● Prevents key copying and "repeater attacks" which are the two most common methods utilized to steal these cars.
● Easy to install and no interference with the standard wiring.
● No subscription or any extra payments.
● Tiny size makes is almost impossible to find.
● It blocks the engine and automatic transmission without disrupting any electrical circuits, thus retaining the manufacturer's warranty.
● Authorization is via a Bluetooth keyfob, smartphone, or standard buttons.
● Handy service mode — temporarily disables security features when you take your car to maintenance.
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OST Dyno Installation

OST Dyno Installation Packages.

Basic Installation - $1200
Includes IGLA installation and configuration, vehicle setup, customer walkthrough, and information packet. Serving the Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Pa., Butler Pa., Erie Pa. Cleveland Oh. areas


Premium Installation - $1500
Installs an IGLA device and a DRONE X1 MAX geo-locator device. The DRONE device comes with a 30-day free trial and afterwards will require a subscription. Includes vehicle setup, customer walkthrough, and information packet.

DRONE X1 MAX Features

  •  Track your car from anywhere over LTE with 3G fallback. Built-in Backup Battery - On-board lithium-ion battery that triggers alert when main battery is cut off.
  • Geo-fence alerts - Receive alerts if your vehicle travels outside a predetermined geographical area or boundary. 
  • On-Board Security Sensors - Built-in security sensors that detect shock, tilt, glass-break, and towing. Push Notifications - Receive alerts via smartphone."
  • Curfew Alerts - Monitor after-hours driving. History Log - Review past activity/alerts Maintenance Reminders - Set mileage-based and date-based service reminders. Points of Interest - Receive alerts when exiting/entering an area
  • Security Monitoring - DroneMobile sends you a security alert if intrusion or hit-and-run occurs. Locate your vehicle using DroneMobile Maps.
  • X1-MAX Module | LTE + GPS + Backup Battery Add-On | Model: X1MAX-LTE DroneMobile smartphone control and GPS tracking. Powered by AT&T LTE for industry-leading coverage and reliability.
  • What's in the Box? X1MAX-LTE Module - AT&T LTE Module w/ Built-in Backup Battery Data Harness, 30-Day Premium Trial - Smartphone Control + GPS Tracking + Alarm Alerts + much more! 


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