Non-Hellcat Gen III Hemi Packages

At OST Dyno we treat our customer’s vehicles like we would treat our own and take the utmost care to ensure an error free job while your vehicle is with us. We can modify, install, and ship just about anything. Installations include cold air intakes, headers, exhaust systems, cam installations, hand-fabricated turbo systems, superchargers, nitrous oxide kits, and so much more. Every performance part your vehicle could ever need can be purchased through us making for a truly simple and no-hassle experience. Once your installation is complete your vehicle will be strapped to our in-house AWD Mustang Dyno and tuned to your preferences if you so choose. This makes OST Dyno your one-stop shop for any and every performance modification. All labor and fabrication is overseen by our Lead Performance Technician. If you have any questions he can be reached at or by calling 724-368-9000.

Below is a price list of the more popular performance upgrades. These rates are based on the modern Hemi-powered vehicles and as such all other vehicles will be assessed on a case by case basis. If you do not see the performance upgrade you are looking for please contact us and we will compile an invoice for your specific needs.

If you are not sure what the next step is for your vehicle or would like some advice, contact us today and we will assist you in your decision making any way we can. We are not salesmen; we are fabricators, racers, and builders just like you. We will help you find exactly what you are looking for without breaking your budget.


If your vehicle has been previously modified outside of OST Dyno additional costs may apply. If you supply parts that were not purchased through OST Dyno additional labor charges will apply. When scheduling installations and performance modifications please be certain that you can make the scheduled date before committing. Please understand that we are generally scheduled out 8-10 months in advance. If you schedule an appointment and then for reasons beyond our control you need to reschedule you will be added to the schedule at our next available opening – which most likely will be several months out. We will make every effort to accommodate reschedules but please understand that we are very limited on options and extended wait times are likely. Cancellations without reschedules will be subject to restocking and cancellation fees. Custom ordered products can not be restocked. Due to our concise scheduling of work in the shop – if your vehicle is in for modifications and additional modifications are requested or discovered, we reserve the right to move you car off the schedule and perform that work on an “as time permits” basis., This will delay the completion of your vehicle so please try to have all planned modifications in your original proposal and inform us if there are any issues on your vehicle that are “non-standard” that would impact normal modification times. 

“Reduced Lead Time” Packages

The purpose of these packages is to offer a specific set of modifications to customers that can be installed/completed quickly and have little to no lead time. While lead times for more complex modifications can be 3-4 months, these packages have scheduling lead times of 1-2 weeks. We keep the parts needed for these packages in stock. Inquire about your installation at

Hellcat/SRT/RT – Intake, Exhaust, & Tune – Starting at $3748

Hellcat/SRT – Intake, Headers, Exhaust & Tune – Starting at $6327

RT – Intake, Headers, Exhaust & Tune – Starting at $5952

M6 – Clutch, Subframe Lockout, Short Shifter, & Tune – Starting at $4184

No Mods Tune & Unlocked PCM – Starting at $1249

Hemi Supercharger Installations

Hellcat Supercharger Conversion – $16,500

This conversion is for 6.4 vehicles only. We highly recommend our FI 426 shortblock with this package. Included is the Hellcat supercharger, rebuild kit, Hellcat cylinder heads, and all Hellcat accessories to make it work. We use the factory Hellcat electronic bypass valve with our own proprietary control module. Installation is clean and factory-appearing. The cost of this conversion may vary slightly based on parts availability and Hellcat supercharger costs. Upgrading to the 4.5L Whipple supercharger can also be done with this conversion at an additional cost. This conversion also includes the required PCM and TCM tuning as well as programming of our electronic bypass control module. 

3.0L Whipple Supercharger – starting at $10,500

We believe this to be the best supercharger kit on the market and we put them on everything. Installation is clean and factory-appearing and the gains are massive. Expect 100-150whp over stock depending on the fuel quality. Price will vary depending on vehicle year and model.

Hemi Camshaft Installations

Package pricing starts at around $4,300 for non-MDS manual cars. High stall torque converters are required for automatic cars. Because of the constant increase in costs of the items included in these packages, please reach out to for a proposal.

Header Installations

We use exclusively KOOKS headers at OST. We have found them to be superior to other brands and like to stick with what works and what is the best. Please email for a proposal for your car.