R32/33 GTR Driveshaft Speed Sensor Kit V2


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R32 GTR Speed Sensor Instructions V2 – Reluctor

V1 Speed Sensor Instructions – non-reluctor type – discontinued

This kit now includes a 32-tooth reluctor wheel that bolts to the transfer case output flange. This reluctor gives extremely high resolution, especially at low speeds and while launching. This is when speed is most critical for accurate power application.

Owners of an R32 GTR using a standalone ECU will find that the factory speed signal from the back of the gauge cluster is very inaccurate or simply does not work at all. For those that want their factory speedometer and odometer to still function but also need an accurate speed signal, this kit is for you. Owners of an R32 or R33 GTR who are using an aftermarket dash and/or want an accurate and reliable speed signal should also consider this kit. The screenshot of the pictured datalog of a 1/4 mile pass shows this kit in action. Rear wheel speed is immediately detected and the signal is steady and accurate for the entirety of the pass.

Note: Wiring this sensor is like any other three-wire sensor. It is simple but not plug and play.

Benefits of this kit:
– Bolts on with no modifications
– Provides accurate rear wheel speed signal to the ECU using a bolt on 32-tooth reluctor wheel
– Tested and proven to be accurate even at slow speeds (below 5mph)
– Able to pick up speed the moment the rear wheels turn
– Perfect for launch control, gear detection, boost by gear, timing by gear, boost by speed, etc.
– Required for speed signal to ECU and dash with use of a digital dash
– Required to retain speed-based power steering assist when factory gauge cluster is removed

Kit Includes:
– Speed sensor bracket
– Reluctor wheel
– Speed sensor


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 6 in


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