OST Dyno Dedicated Drive 8-Rib System for 2.9L Whipple


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These kits are currently made to order. Please allow at least 5-10 business days for us to build the kit and ship.

As of 2020, all kits will now come with our new double-bearing upper support.

Downloadable Installation Instructions: Whipple-8-Rib-Installation-Instructions-R9

This conversion kit is designed for 6.4 & 2009+ 5.7 non-truck engines with previously installed Whipple 2.9L supercharger kits. This system can produce between 14-26psi (depending on your head/cam combo) with little to no belt slip.

Warning! – This system makes and holds boost like no other system on the market. At high boost levels there is a tremendous amount of strain on your engine, supercharger, supercharger bearings, and supercharger seals. One customer reported producing 26psi with his head/cam/pulley combination!

Boost Levels Available: Pulley size/boost readings are on an engine with a mild to aggressive camshaft. Add 2-3psi to the boost numbers with a stock or very mild cam. All boost levels are also with the standard 8.650″ crank drive. Selecting the smaller 7.765″ crank drive will drop boost level from stated amount about 2psi.

This kit will significantly reduce or eliminate belt slip at high boost, eliminate the strain on the accessories (water pump, alternator, A/C), and provide a tight supercharger belt without the need to use an expensive aftermarket tensioner. We do this all while using factory parts and retaining factory-like appearance and serviceability. Another significant advantage of our dedicated drive system is that if the supercharger belt were to break, all accessories would still function and the vehicle would be completely driveable; no loss of water pump, power steering, or alternator.

Our front support brace design eliminates any flexing of the supercharger jackshaft (apparent even on the 6-rib system). The front brace is also designed with the racer in mind – with an easily removable top section allowing for quick pulley and belt changes at the track.

Please note, this kit moves the SC heat exchanger and radiator forward 1″ to accommodate the 8-rib crank pulley. Please consider this if you have additional coolers mounted in front of your radiator.

This kit includes the following:
– Custom OST Dyno billet 6061 aluminum bracket
– Custom OST Dyno billet 6061 aluminum pulley mounts
– Custom OST Dyno billet 6061 aluminum front support brace
– 8-rib crankshaft pulley (choose size when ordering)
– 8-rib upper supercharger pulley (choose size when ordering)
– 8- rib idler pulleys
– 8-rib supercharger tensioner
– 8-rib supercharger belt
– Optional ATI 6% OD crank damper
– All hardware needed
– Custom radiator brackets
– Custom heat exchanger brackets
– Installation instructions (view in link at top of page)

The “Hot Rod” kits will not include any radiator or heat exchanger parts. These parts will not be needed on WK2 Jeeps/Durangos and non-Gen3 Hemi vehicles. WK2 Jeeps/Durangos will need to make a custom length upper radiator hose.

This system is designed to use the included ATI 6% OD damper. If you already have this equipped, please purchase the option without the damper. With this 6% OD damper a factory-length serpentine belt will fit with the Dayco 89377 tensioner. The serpentine belt is not supplied with this kit due to the many different lengths of factory belts and pulley sizes.

Note: You will need to enlarge the hole cut in your hood that was made for the initial Whipple install.

Shipping to lower 48 only. If shipping elsewhere we will contact you for any additional charges.

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