FORE Innovations L3 Fuel System


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This is the system we use on customer builds. Install is clean and factory appearing with the lines entering the rails from the rear and the fronts dead headed. The 274 pump is run with the 285 pump at all times. This reduces wiring and potential failures caused by having a switch activate the second pump. The smaller pump is used with the 285 in order to keep the fuel cool. Lead time is typically 4 days plus shipping time.

Boost Referenced Return System for 1200+ rwhp. Regulator mounted before rails. Feed lines enter rear of fuel rails. Front (or back) of fuel rails are plugged.
  • LX Fuel Pump Module (dual pump) 274 Primary, 285 Secondary
  • FC2 Controller with wiring
  • F4i Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • 88mm Inline Fuel Filter with stainless steel media
  • Billet filter mounting bracket
  • Black anodized billet Hemi Fuel Rails (unless removed)
  • 0-100psi fuel pressure gauge
  • LX OEM Regulator Blockoff Kit
  • LX OEM Feed Line Blockoff Kit
  • FCV Checkvalve
  • All fittings, hose, hardware required for typical fuel line plumbing
-30 feet of fuel line and 10 matching hose ends (your choice)
-Qty 6, billet low profile 90 degree fittings
-Qty 4, straight AN to o-ring fittings
-Qty 3, -8 o-ring plugs
-Qty 10, hose straps and stainless hardware
-Qty 2, 1/8 NPT plug

Charger/Challenger Fuel Level Sender Note:
2005-2010:  uses the old style level sender.  If the fuel pump has been replaced (with new OE pump) since 2011, you mostly likely have the new style level sender
2011 was a transition year, so you have to visually determine if you have the old or new style level sender.  Contact us for assistance.
2012+ uses the new style level sender
NOTE:  aftermarket level senders are not compatible with our pump modules…only OE Chrysler

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