Email Tuning – Jeep JK/JL (and 3.6/3.8 equipped vehicles)


Important! Lead times for tunes and revisions will vary depending on our current workload. Delays can often be one week or longer. Expected lead times will always be shown in our email signature.

Remote Tuning Requirements
Please review and complete the following steps before purchasing a tune

Required Hardware:

A HPtuners module with credits is required. If you do not own one you can purchase a module w/credits here – Tuning Tools
If you own a 2015 or newer Mopar you will need an unlocked PCM. If you do not own one you can purchase one here – Unlocked PCMs
If you own a 2018 or newer Mopar you will also need a Smart Access Cable. This can be purchased here – Tuning Tools
A wideband O2 sensor is required for wide open throttle tuning (except Hellcats/Trackhawks/Demons). There are several options here – Tuning Tools


All remote tuning customers must complete the “Tuning Checklist”.
You will need to extract and email the current tune in your car. If you have an “original backup” or stock tune please email this also.
Tutorial videos on extracting tunes and using HPtuners can be found here – YouTube Channel.
Please include the serial# of your HPtuners module with your original backup file.
All emails should be directed to

Remote Tuning Policies

Remote tuning requires involvement on the part of the remote tuning customer that would not normally occur with an in-house dyno tuning session. Below is a summary of requirements and policies regarding remote tuning:

Basic computer knowledge is required to utilize this process.
Familiarity with sending/receiving email, adding and opening email attachments, installing software, etc. is necessary.
All emails should be directed to
Please do not call our shop for remote tuning updates or revisions. This service is separate from services provided at our shop.
Understanding of the data logging process, reading and loading tunes. We do have videos reviewing this process on our YouTube Channel.
Data logs attached to an email should contain the name of the tune revision that the data log was run on.
Emails sent with a data log should be short, descriptive and only contain one data log unless multiple logs are requested by us or are required to resolve a problem.
Do not send multiple emails in the same day.
Tune revisions will be replied to in the order received and within the time period described in my email signature.

Prioritized Tuning Support
We provide several “prioritized” tuning options at an additional charge for shops or individuals who need tunes or revisions quicker than the normal response rate. Normal response rate varies based on workload and remote tunes in our queue. “Prioritized” support will be provided based on the “Titanium Level” option purchased.  Titanium Level Options can be purchased HERE

Note: This tuning purchase is for a total of 8 revisions. Additional revisions can be purchased individually or in groups. Re-tuning (injector change, cam change, fuel change etc.) for both GM and Mopar is an additional charge.

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Whether your tuning needs are for the street, track or land speed racing our 40+ years of performance modification and tuning experience is available to you! We can provide tuning support either locally on our “state of the art” Mustang AWD dyno or anywhere on the planet via email. Mike is highly recognized for his automotive tuning skills on the dyno at OST , at the track supporting customers and remotely via email. We specialize in tuning Mopar and GM vehicles. Having email tuned 1000+ vehicles over the last 10 years and nearly as many on our dyno you can be confident that you are getting tuning support from hands on experience. From a simple CAI, headers and cam tune to a serious twin turbo, wild cam w/N2O tune you can be confident we have already tuned the combination numerous times in our shop as well as via email. We also sell a number of performance parts on our website that we have installed and tested in our shop.

NEW! – In addition to our Gold Level remote tuning options (Our standard remote tuning package for the last 10 years) we are now offering a remote tuning service for shops that need real time or near real time support with a customer car. This service is for individuals willing to pay a premium for this priority service. Details on this offering can be found under the Titanium Level Tuning option.

To further compliment our tuning experience we currently own, drive and in some cases race the following vehicles:

2015 Hellcat – 9.4@148
2011 Camaro SS w/Whipple and VVT Cam – 18psi on stock internals
2012 JKU w/Sprintex – 14psi on E85 and 93 octane
2006 Jeep GC SRT8 w/turbo – 9.4@155
2011 Dodge Ram – Towing/hauling

We are not just sitting behind a keyboard guessing at tunes. Daily driving and/or racing these vehicles allows us to fine tune every aspect of the driving experience. Also this allows us to constantly test new tuning software and software features to ensure our customers have the absolute best tuning experience available.

Our response times are generally within 24-48 hours and will always be specified in our email replies. You will always know when to expect a response or revision.

The key benefit of utilizing OST Dyno that separates us from the majority of other remote tuners is that we build, modify and tune dozens of Mopar and GM vehicles each month in our shop. This hands on modification and tuning experience will benefit any OST Dyno customer not only during the tuning process but also when considering future modifications or troubleshooting issues remotely.

Our email tuning customer base is world-wide and we remote tune for shops throughout the US and Canada and we also service shops in Australia, Germany, Italy, the UAE, Brazil and South Africa.

If you have a performance shop and are interested in our remote tuning services for 2003 to present Mopars or pre-Gen 6 GM’s we offer discounts off of our standard remote tuning prices starting with 5 tunes per month. We can offer references upon request, you can visit the “Reviews” section of our website or you can see a sampling of remote tuning shops at the bottom of this page.

Let our reliable, quick and experienced email tuning service, now with online tune purchasing help you extract the peak performance and drivability from your car.


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