Challenger 6-point Bolt-In Rollcage


Complete Bolt-In Roll Cage from OST Dyno

We are proud to present the new, truly bolt in 6-point roll cage and roll bar for Dodge Challengers! This roll cage was created by a dedicated cage shop with over 10 years experience. OST Dyno has been installing bolt in roll bars/cages and fabricating our own rollbars and cages for the new Challengers so we knew exactly what designs and features we wanted to create a roll bar/cage that met our standards. We now offer what we believe to be the highest quality and easiest to install kit currently available on the market.

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This kit is truly unique in that the front cage section will uncouple/unbolt in about 10 minutes. This is an absolute necessity for cars that still see time on the street. Leaving the front bars and halo bar in can and has been fatal if in an accident. Keep your car truly street-worthy with this kit. Where possible, cage design is done in attempt to meet NHRA 8.50 certification. However at this time the cage will not 8.50 cert without modification.

– 1 3/4″ x .120″ wall mild steel tubing as per NHRA specifications
– Double shear door swingout with .50″ bolt and release pin as per NHRA specifications
– Door bars pass between driver’s elbow and shoulder as per NHRA specifications
– Main hoop less than 1″ from roofline as per NHRA specifications
– Crossbar (harness bar) level with top of OEM seat as per NHRA specifications
– Crossbar constructed with seat bracing for race seat as per NHRA specifications
– Large surface area foot plates for load dispersion (older version pictured)
– High quality high load hardware used throughout
– Non through-dash forward bar design

– No fabrication needed
– Complete TIG welded mild steel
– Harness bar has provisions for seat spine braces and harness loops
– Main hoop bolts to rear cross brace in front of rear seat – much stronger than bolting to the floor and no cutting up your carpet
– Forward bars are straight with no “s-bend” to prevent collapse in a rollover incident.
– Rear legs are coupled together with heavy duty locking couplers. This allows the main hoop to easily fit in the door without needing to remove all interior plastics or risk damaging your car. Because these rear legs couple to the main hoop you will only need to drill one hole in the rear plastics rather than cut out a large section for the base plate to fit through (see pictures)
– Main hoop can easily be installed by one person
– Halo bar allows use of sun visors, rear view mirror, and sunglasses compartment
– No bolt-in cage bar for the Challengers fits as tight to the body as this. Not only does this look fantastic but it allows the seats to move to the full back position without scraping or bending against the door bars/main hoop
– Rear seats are still completely accessible and easy to install/remove
– Swing out door bars for both driver and passenger
– Entire front section of cage removes completely and easily leaving no remaining sections on the floor
– The only intrusions to the carpet are for the forward bars. These intrusions are then covered by the floor mats with the forward bars removed (see pictures)
– These kits come with COMPLETE installations instructions and pictures created by OST Dyno


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