OST Dyno Hellcat Dual Fuel Pump System – Plug & Play


These are built as quickly as possible. If they are not on the shelf lead time is about 1-2 weeks.

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OST Dyno Hellcat Dual Fuel Pump System Install Instructions – Install Document

This system was initially made in-house as needed for customer builds. We have since improved the design by making it completely plug and play along with a factory-based dual PWM bracket. Our desire was to make a kit available to the public that is superior to current offerings, easy to install, and appears as factory as possible.

This system allows you to install dual fuel pumps into your Hellcat Challenger or Charger. Our kit is completely plug and play and includes the following:

  • 1x fuel pump PWM module (two pictured)
  • Fuel pump dual PWM module bracket and hardware (fits Challenger only – Charger bracket in progress)
  • Custom fuel pump harness
  • FORE Hellcat dual 285 pump drop-in hat for OEM feed and return
  • Relay integrated into harness
  • Inline fuse integrated into harness
  • Optional ID 1050X or 1300X injectors

The bracket is modeled after the Dodge Demon bracket and mounts and fits in the same manner. The harness is wrapped in abrasive resistant sheath and heat shrink. The FORE fuel hat has only two plugs; one for pump #2 and the other plugs into the factory harness and houses wires for pump #1 and the fuel level sending unit. Other than the secondary fuel pump there are only two items to plug in: power and ground which are clearly labeled. Installation was designed to be as easy as possible with no confusing wiring mess!

Routing the harness is also clean since it follows the factory fuel pump harness. No aftermarket wiring is visible even with the rear seats out of the car. We also prefer to follow factory harnesses whenever possible to keep things looking and functioning like stock.

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